Saturday, July 26, 2008

Swit Nothings!!!

I want to thank u all 4 ur encouraging words.u guys are the best

I think im bac. well at least 4 this week im bac. This unemployment thing aint so bad o. i thot by now i will be suicidal. instead im actually having a vacation.pple are really nice 2 me. Anor advantage is that its a natural cure to shopaholism. i have not shopped in a month and that is not related to the fact that im expecting clothes from the states-did i mention im a buziness woman now?and i have decided to buy half of the clothes. also unemployment has unleashed the biz women in me. im still looking 4 a job( with a nonchalant attitude) but im puttin all my might into this self employment thing-i tell u there is sumthin in this self employment thing o.
The only disavantage is that i hate the fact that im now a PRUDENT spender.Trully i hate the fact that i cant buy wat i want when i want coz i have to manage my resources it sucks big tyme. plus i was meant to go to Dubai-no such luck. so until i give a proper post see ya.