Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So I was tagged . So here goes weird stuff bout me
I have a thing for smart villains. As a result I don’t do action films coz I find myself rooting 4 the bad guy and end up getting disappointed.

I think education is overrated.

I can dance in my mind. physically I suck. In my mind I choreograph awesome musicals.
If I have money im not comfortable until I spend it. I just cant stand having money.

I cant stand not having money.

I love the smell of my fart and well… u know wat. Disgusting yeah but true.

I found this harder than my bar exams.

I hereby tag yayi.

So see ya all next year. im signing out. have u all a merry xmas and happy nu year. PS my bday is on the 27th Dec.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dear Rebecca.

Work sucks. But that’s the topic 4 another time.
I remember a letter I intercepted once from my sister. She was about to give my Dad to mail. She pleaded wit me to give her back her leta but nay I had enuf sense at that time to hold unto it.
Well the recipient of her leta was Rebecca one of them newspaper shrinks/psychologists u know like Dear Abby ETC. Dear Rebecca was a shrink for vanguard newspaper. We had a fascination for those cock and bull stories it was fiction at its highest. I cant remember the wordings o the leta verbatim but it was sumtin like this
Dear Rebecca,
I am a mother of three children. A while back while playing my kids ran into a snake. As I was looking for a stick to kill it, the snake bit one of my kids. The child died before we got to the hospital. I then resolved to always have a stick handy. 2 months later armed robbers came to my house and used the handy stick to beat me and my kids another one died. My problem is I don’t know wat to do I have one child left and don’t know if I should keep a stick or not. Please help me.

Worried mother.
Before anyone points out the loopholes in the story of which there are a zillion bear in mind this was written over 15 years ago.

We still laugh over this. But now I am left wondering wat would have happened had we posted the letter. Would it have been published, wat would Rebecca advice.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

RE; Vacation time

Well all good things must come to an end. Resumin work next week monday. did i enjoy my vacation yeah eventually.
At the moment i am down wit a flu which as far as im concerned would make AVIAN flu seem ;like a minor nose bleed. I told my mum to take me to the hospital she did not answer me. at least my Father dropped 200 naira 4 me to buy Procold(must popular flu drug in Nigeria.) My kid brother just put his hand on my fore head and said i dont even have a fever- which is strange considering he is a final year Architecture student.
Anyway i bought the procold at nite and spent the better part of the night announcing to my family how procold knocks me out so i have to spend the next day in bed...the whole day. You see my mum complained and i quote "its rude of you not to wake up and greet daddy" Meanwhile by 8am daddy is on his way to work sleep is usally at its peak at that time.
Well Me, my laptop and ugly Betty had a splendid day in bed Ignoring my busy body broda who thot i was just malingering.
Thank God i am alive i am pickin wat to wear to CNN coz as far as i know i am the only person to survive this new disease i have discovered, i have torn my jotter coz i wrote all my secrets and pass word kinda like a mini will, so if i had died...sniff.. at least some one would have told you all that the gal with the latest designer disease on CNN was none oda than Anonymous gal.