Monday, June 23, 2008

hi all. sorry i will be AWOL 4 a while. at least until i sort myself out. i will miss blogville 4 the duration of my absence which might be 4 a week 2days a month Godforbid a year. my email is on my profile page atleast i will check tha regularly. see ya.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Help (Insert long shriek) im jobless. to cut a long story short, the company i work wit relies on grants to function.Grants have been scarce. so all departments aside the clinical dept have been told to go on a 4 month leave without pay. im a lawyer ie im not in clinical ie im going.Well i have known the have been havin financial issues so i have been job hunting but not seriously as i thot the situation will reverse itself. it has not. And guess wat my boos told me to draft the leta of...i wonder wat to call it. Aint that cool i get to draft my sack leta. im thinkin of saying they should pay severance fees for a year, hmm wat else can i put in the leta to my advantage???

Monday, June 9, 2008

Candy from a baby

A thousand apologises 4 the late update. I went home I fell ill, I got beta, I decided to do some thinkin skip work etc.
The first tyme I heard the sayin like taking candy from a baby I thot who would want to take candy from a baby? That was a long tyme ago. If dictionaries or phase books had pictures my smilin face will be beside that phase. Don’t get me wrong I love babies they are cute and cuddly, they love u unconditionally and they also have bags full of goodies.
Baby J is a cute 2year old gal.Nice baby full of hugs and kisses and her kiddy bag- full of supplies,juice,biscuits and wait the occasional chocolates mmmh. Baby j is the grand daughter to the family I stay with. She is always at the grand parents place along wit her kiddy bag. At first it was easy stealing her stuff,that was until she started talkin (if u can call wat she does talkin).i remember recently I stole juice from her food store I made it into the room successfully witout being spoted by anyone only to slam the room door shut and see a smilin baby runnin to me yellinAnonymousgal juice”.Kai I had a bad day at work I was hungry and dehydrated I just wanted to drink my juice in peace-plus baby j is greedy if I put the juice in her mouth I would not have gotten it bac plus(again) she goes to day care wit juice when she gets bac she has another so forgive me for not being in the mood to share. I hid the juice in my bag. She let out a yell that brought her mum runnin.i explained to the mum that she wants juice while the baby continued cryin and pointing at my bag. Her mum now said the best words I heard all day ‘no juice 4 her she has had enuf’. Haba she as I enjoyed my juice afta her mum left.Fyne I gave her a lil sip she was yellin to much.Then her bday came she was goin to be 2. I searched the shops 4 the perfect that I could play wit .so dolls were out of the question. I found a bowlin set.perfect. her 2 aunts and I were more excited over the gift. We presented it to her and she dropped it immediately favourin anor toy. Not that we minded it just eliminated the job of collecting it forcibly from her. When we tore open the pack the contents spilled .we good 4 nothin aunts picked the contents eargely only to look up and see about 15 pair of kiddy eyes starin at us eagerly.
A. we arived the party late.
B. we had a fashion show to attend in like two mintues.
C. we had to bowl,eat,pray before goin to the fashion show.
D. no way we were goin to allow about 15 kids bowl before us.
So we did what had to be done. We totally ignored the expectant eyes and ran off to a more secluded location to have fun.
Pass not judgement on us a fashion show was waitin. Its not like we are pedophiles or sumthin