Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vacation Time

I am on annual leave. I actually looked forward to this. You know spend time with my mum and dad (my siblings are at school), sleep all day, etc. As soon as my leave was approved I called my mum and said I would be home on Monday. She asked why spend the weekend at Abuja and suggested I come home during the weekend. I declined.
Fast forward - Saturday dad’s bday. Mum calls to remind me as I am bad wit dates. I ask what special stuff is she making 4 daddy and she says they are waiting when I came on Monday I will cook something special. I am stunned I see my perfect vacation schedule falling apart. I try to make her see reason the bday feast should not be postponed she sees no reason.
Fast forward - Monday I was still sleeping soundly enjoyin the euphoria of my first vacation day when my phone rudely awakens me…its dad. He is shocked that I am asleep as he thot I would be on my way. He actually calls a town 45mins from home thinkin I was already there. WTF!
Same day at nite mum is naggin bout how offuneka from BBA2 deserves some money from mnet for being such a good gal (she watches only high lites so she missed finger gate- I keep mute about it) Then Dad the 60 something year old professor drops the bombshell that if he was minister 4 culture and tourism or a like one he would work hard to make sure the show is not aired. Me I am speechless. I mumble shyly bout how I really enjoyed watchin of course I fail to mention that I now bath with my pant as I am practicing 4 the next big brother.
Tuesday. A loud noise awakens me my brother who happens to be home is pumpin water, I look at the time its just 8 am.
Same day by 4 I am havin a much deserved siesta when dad barges into my room that he wants to spray insecticide. I tell him there are no mosquitoes he insists that there are. I win this battle but at a price sleep is far away.
Later in the day I am watchin Boston legal dad comes that I should come listen to 7 o clock news with him. Afta news he tells me to seriously consider lecturing. That he can call a few friends so I shld think about it- ha like I have a choice.
My mum has already bought a bucket and I mean BUCKET of butter 4 me to do all the bakin in the world she proudly announced-as if I have 4gotten our tradition of makin and distrubtin cakes/chin chin durin xmas.
People this is just day two of my leave! I am seriously considering goin bac to work, I hv no money so travellin is out of the quest.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Damn all them boutiques

I am broke that i have pushed my pride aside and have started beggin ma friends to pay me to bake their xmas cakes in advance. of course the friends think im crazy and want to pull a fast one on them. like i would
Why am i broke? its coz the the nu thing them boutique owners do.IE sending a text to suckers, like me who cant resist such, about how the have the latest items.they even say hurry now limited stock and gullible pple like me keep fallin. imagine plus i feel its rude not to respond,they have gone out of their way to send u an sms haba( really i know its automated).I actually dont remember dropping my phone no but thats the least of my worries.
So i recieve a text from a popular joint at abj. i decide to go and see lily(the owner) afta work afterall shes an old friend.i promised my self to just pop in say hi and pop out. B4 i cld say 'hi lily' the babe had me tryin shoes,skirts tops. I give it to her shes a good sales lady.
I am now the proud owner of a brown and a black pencil skirt, a denim flair skirt that i wonder were i would wear it to, about 6 tops and an empty bank account.Infact i had to psyche a friend to come take me home.
Any how my fellow bloggers pls book 4 ur xmas cakes in advance.pls pay now.seriously i wont run wit your money.