Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend from hell

A Couple of friends and i decided to go shoe shopping on sat. we had been plannin the outing for a week and a chronic shopaholic like me was looking forward to it with glee. The rendezvous was to take place at a 11 on sat. i woke up dressed to kil i even wore heels which was unlike me as im a flat slippers gal.

Anyways i boarded a cab to hook up wit one of the shoppers who stayed within town as the shop we intended to raid was out of town. about 5 min from the said friends house i called her so that she can meet me outside- i was not in the mood to greet any elder and frankly my shoes were killin me already. She begged me to just come in to which i grudgingly accepted. i bent to force my phone into my pocket and that was when i noticed that the cab was heading straight to the pavement in the middle of the round. i looked up to warn the driver but it was to late. we climbed the pavement which on its on was high drove on it for about 15seconds then landed on the road again. i rather we remained on the pavement coz we landed on the opposite lane ie incomin traffic, right on the path of an incomin prelude. there was no were to dodge, it was a three lane road and all three lanes had cars so an impact was inevitable. let me tell u all, when u stare death in the face all that shit bout i said a quick prayer-LIE. the only think u feel fear fear fear fear FEAR. I Looked at the prelude that was speeding into us as we were speeding into it, i felt a rush i mean a huge rush of fear.from my toe to my hair. i blanked out on impact. i came thru about 10 seconds later. someone had opened my door. i noticed my possessions scattered all over the dashboard. i picked them up walked out of the car and continued walking on the road. my mind was numb my feet were wobbly. i just kept walkin. i heard pple in the background yellin at me to leave the road.some were shoutin that someone should catch me.i felt as if i walked for hours in truth i had taken a few wobbly steps when my legs gave way. 2 men picked me up and took and took me aside. that was when the water works started. i called my friend then i did something stupid i called my mum. my mum panicked. of course i called her bawling my eyes off murmuring something bout accidents.
Physically im not hurt but 2 days later im still shocked, i kip re living the accident over and over.i kip hear the impact, i think about the fear i felt. Men i dont wish this on any person.
Im outa here.
O would u believe i still went shoe shopping. i shopped in a trance lol.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lil sis

First up I just went to say hi to a friend at her crib and she dashed me those sandals. *long sign* I am so in love, the fit like a glove-as u all can see.

I want to dedicate this post to my kid sister. That gal has got to qualify as the craziest being I know. I call her information high way. that babe even though she is at Benin knows all that happens in the family.if u want the scoop on why uncle B left the country in a hurry she is the place to go. When uncle B breaks up with his gal fri, the said galfri comes crying to her.u would think they will come to me seein that im older and all. When a cousin who thinks we are not Christian enuf tries to make us more Christ like I am ignored- I have wondered at this i.e. I should burn in hell or are they hopin she will convert and change me? As a kid she had the biggest mouth ever, the problem was the mouth spat out the truth and in primary school the truth did not make u cool. Me I was a liar hence I was cool until the lil tyke joined me and all my coolness dissipated. Before lil sis we had a house in London, we were ‘butters’ (kids wit a silver spoon) we ate chips and ketchup 4 dinner, cakes and juice 4 breakfast and 4 lunch rice and stew. I wonder why that was important or how it made one cool it just did. Lil sis was proud to announce that we loved beans, dinner was always tuwo (ehm how to I explain tuwo any help?) atleast breakfast was cornflakes or bread and tea. Couldn’t she just shut up? Infact I was reliably informed that with out being asked she will raise her hands and tell her teacher that she wants to share with the class what she ate for dinner. Ok fine I was wrong to lie so as to b cool but who the hell shares wat they ate 4 dinner without being asked esp if such a meal is infact uncool. She was also the blabber mouth. She reported my big bros, uncle, cousin and I when we watched our first porn. Imagine the gal so I was still in class 4, but she was invited to join she declined only to go to daddy to say we are watchin bad film. Suffice to say daddy made an appearance and to think the next day was my bday. She takes my bags, perfumes, body spray accessories. lucky she can’t wear my clothes or shoes so those are safe, though it does not stop her from telling me to buy the exact top 4 her.
Lil sis has a pant obsession when we fought she will pick a scissors and rip my pant-funny that I neva noticed I must have been such a slob. She confessed in her teens. Hmm must have irked her that I didn’t notice.
At one time afta she watched the film 'act of will' she made a will and bequeathed to my father all her PANTS. And by that I don’t mean trousers I mean panties. Imagine her 6 year old mind. My dad was very touched and promised to look afta them.
Well I miss her badly coz rarely see her now as she is in her fourth year in med school. So im proposing a toast to her. All raise ur wine glasses to the most annoyin and lovable sister…

Monday, May 12, 2008


I was minding my business when Onome, abby and yarmama tagged me. So here goes 6 quirks (wat a word)

The first has to be i have a massive fear of the ats family.
Yes I can’t stand rats, cats and bats. Ok so I have neva encounted a bat but seeing as I am petrified of its colleagues the cat and rat I assume I will feel the same way about it to. if I see a cat or rat I run the oda way screamin or I stand at a spot and close my eyes and just freeze.I don’t know why I should feel an insane fear for those things I just do.
Secondly I think beds were a wasted invention.
U don’t know sleep until u sleep on the floor. Cant rem when last I slept on a bed,I usually fold my blanket on the floor and sleep blissfully. Let me tell u a secret if u don’t want me to sleep put me on a bed I would be awake half of the time.
Thirdly im fascinated by snakes
Yes I know 4 someone afraid of the ats this is a strange. But wat can I saw I love watchin snake documentaries(when my mum is not near of course) when a snake is spotted and sane people are screaming and running way yours truly is running towards.
Fourthly im scared of lag.
Shoot me I have only been there once and I was on my toe all thru my week visit.yes I had fun but evri thing had an undertone of be careful “o dear we cant go that way coz robbers love that road” “we cant leave early we might get robbed” “are u ok you should not pick your phone here”. Since then (bout 3 yeas ago) I have a feelin that as I land in the airport or ABC Park i will get robbed my bag containing the adress im supposed to go 2, my fone and all my cash will be taken. I will thus b stranded…
Im a cartoon freak.i don’t know where I will be with out cartoon network, Disney etc.
Finally im a confirmed Internet junkie. Took the test in true love waste africa. Passed with flying colours.imagine I laff lol.if that’s not strange last week I was takin minutes 4 a meetin a joke was cracked and I wrote LOL in the coy minute book.
That’s it hereby tag aloofar, funms, lg, oluwadee, chickito.

On to the biz of today yes that’s baby anonymousgal. Note how I have no neck??? Well I have a neck now thankfully but the cheeks-still there. As a child I hated that pic.i was certain that was not me coz in my opinion the baby looked like a toad. I sincerely thot my elder sisters picture-she had a neck and was beta dressed than I got older I accepted defeat afterall the whole family could not be lyin to me and I did bear a strikin resemblance to the baby in the picture. Now my major beef is wat the hell did my mum clothe me with.i spent an hour yest trying to figure out if im wearin a kaftan or its some form of dress. I also cant figure out why there are no ribbons on my head.that picture was taken in 1980 I believe ribbons existed.anyway mother dearest is not around for me to hound so until shes back im out here.
NB I was a cute baby wasn’t i?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sick Sick World.

By now evri one has heard of Josef Fritz the sicko who kidnapped his daughter and kept her as a sex slave 4 24 years. Trust my boring friends and I to try to pshyco analyze the situation over suya and masa.
Yours trully brought up the argument and a heated debate ensued. Actually it was 5 against 1. THE 1 said its nature’s ugly cause that reared its ugly head. ( she was not in support o) but argued that its just coz joes own came to lite that’s why we are all makin noise. That most men have but are able to suppress sexual urges 4 daughters. We the 5 yelled her down on morality grounds.actually our strongest point were its just sick. Madam 1 now gave a point that 4 days later still has me thinking she said ok when daddy travels we the daughters go to sleep with mummy. But when mummy travels why don’t we go to sleep wit daddy? That statement shut 5 loud mouthed female lawyers up. No body could think of a suitable come back. I concluded the argument with a resounding its sick and unnatural. But why is it that gals dont move in wit daddy when mummy has travelled? could it be that we actually have it at the back of our minds that any thing can happen? is my friend rite???
The argument now went into how he was able to hide it from his wife. 5 said the wife must have known. I(voltron defender of the defenceless) decided to defend the wife by arguing feebily that it was possible 4 her not to have known. How possible is that? 4 a husband to be sneekin of to the basement 4 24 years not arousing suspision? I hate to say but Joe was an intelligent sicko. Neigbours were not suspicious, ‘wife wasn’t’. Me- there is no way my husband will tell me not to go some where eg don’t enter my study and I really wont do so. Infact the next free moment I have afta I have been told not to go I will go to the don’t go.
Then I saw pictures of the basement that place was not built in a day it is a mini apatment kai the wife must have been suspicious, or the husband abused the wife that she was scared shitless of him. Any way that’s my opinion.
SO my pple wats ur 2 cents on this mata?